Eagle Cave Awesomeness

My family has been coming to Eagle Cave for eight years and 2012 will be year number nine. Wes, Michelle, and all of the staff ensure that you have a great time. The campground is filled with fun things to do including hiking trails, geocaching, and of course the cave itself! Come here if you are looking for a great family vacation. We love it and I know you will too!

Keith Vorderbruggen

Weekend Cave Outing

Our Troop has been going to Eagle Cave every other year for quite some time and we have always had a great time. Even out older scouts who have been there multiple times keep coming back.

Troop 536

Eagle Cave

My complements and highest recommendations to Wes, Michelle, Marsha, Scott, K, & the Staff at Eagle Cave in Blue River WI. Great time, good food, lots of activities to keep the Scouts entertained. The boys had a blast crawling through every nook and cranny, getting covered in clay from head to toe and XYZ Cave was a hit. I tried to keep up with the boys and actually found a couple of "hideouts" to show them. Yes I did find out the hard way that I am not as flexible as a Scout and had to back out of one tight spot. Most fun = reminding the same Scout the cave ceiling was still there. most messy - 3 way tie #3) why can't I wear this coat in your car Mr. Keener? #2) yup I did wear every pair of shoes I brought to explore the caves #1) look we can write on our white shirts with clay! Whooohooo

David Keener

Great Weekend

We had a great weekend up at Eagle Cave (Oct 7-9, 2011). THANK YOU to the entire staff of Eagle Cave! The entire camp is well organized and efficient. The food/meals were excellent! It was very enjoyable to just 'show up and set up.' The scheduled activities and meals take a huge load off of leaders (we actually have time to enjoy and relax) while the kids are exploring and playing. Thanks again to Eagle Cave and the staff for making a great weekend success. Lars Freeman: Royal Rangers - Outpost 282 - Life Church - Roscoe, IL

Lars Freeman

Fun, Fun, Fun

Fun for the whole family! Camping, cave exploratory and canoeing


Eagle Cave

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